Engineering Expertise That Matches Our Manufacturing Excellence

Our superior engineering capabilities and years of experience enable us to help customers meet their specific requirements. You can certainly trust us to evaluate your project in an honest and objective manner and provide solutions that provide quality products at a reasonable cost.

Depending on your particular circumstance, we can design and build new tooling or we can run molds that you would provide. In just about every case, where molds have been relocated to Westmoreland Plastics, the performance of the tool improves significantly.

Value-Added Services: Lapping & Fine Grinding

At Westmoreland Plastics, we can finish any molded product that requires close tolerance specifications related to flatness, parallelism, surface finish and size.

Our lapping and fine-grinding operations can provide flatness readings out to four decimal places. We can also provide whatever surface finish that your project requires. We’ll work with you to determine if lapping or fine grinding is the best method for finishing your particular components.

For thermoset plastic components that meet specifications time and again, tell us about your engineering requirements.